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I’m Anthony Dynar

Salon Owner and Critical Trichology Writer

Anthony Dynar and John Paul DeJoria Celebrating ToDye's Grand opening in Las Vegas, The Gathering 2018.


It's About Taking OWNERSHIP...

From his humble beginning Anthony Dynar was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, in a family that constantly struggled to make ends meet. Despite these struggles he succeeded in school and completed all his high school requirements by the age of 16. Not believing in the shackles of debt, and with no other means, to attended college he knew at the early age of 14 that he wanted to obtain his cosmetology license. He achieved just that by the young age of 17. Anthony knew from a very early age that this trade profession was something he desperately wanted to excel in but didn’t know how.
     It wasn’t until he discovered, and gained employment, in a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon in Gold Canyon that he truly found the tools necessary to succeed. Not only was he able to provide for himself but also discovered a strong held belief, that he holds to this day, that you must be entrepreneurial but that you also need to put people before profit.
     For Anthony, producing the highest quality work in anything he does is simply not enough. He is also dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place and a valuable one. It's easy to see his commitment to living as passionately and fully as any man ought to but caring for people, and the planet where so much is possible, is the driving force in everything he does.
     Since the start of his early career Anthony’s work has been found on the cover of many real estate magazines where his hair styles have been featured on over the years. There are other magazines, newspapers, and video segments on local news stations where his handiwork has been featured but are too numerous to mention. In 2015 he has obtained yet another trade, when he successfully got his real estate license, and works for the largest commercial real estate investment company based in the east valley.
     If you want to be styled and pampered by a well-published cosmetologist, ask for Anthony. He now has his very own Paul Mitchell Focus Salon where he passes on what he has learned to his very own well-trained group of successful entrepreneurs. Call now as they are open daily at 602-353-7829.





Haircut & Blowdry


Root Touch-UP


Soild Hair Color

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Custom Hair Treatment


Temporary Color Rinse


Corrective Color Session

$210.00 and up

Formal Style

$75.00 and up

Permanent Wave

$105.00 and up

Creating VALUE...


     In keeping true to his word Anthony has been an active member of the community but spending time advocating for the profession and that of new licensees. This next generation of cosmetologist has had someone fighting for them his entire career. He has taken positions on hour requirements, the scope of authority the Board legally should have, and the right for students to make an honest living while going to school. Reportedly due to his early hardships with affording post high school education, Anthony has expressed concern as costs keep rising. How are students going to pay approximately $20,000, and one full-time year in school, without going into debt?

     Again, Anthony has suggested common sense changes to the industry that includes lowering the hour requirements to better reflect those of other professionals (like EMT’s, Police officers, Culinary Personnel, etc.) that demand much more responsibility than someone who can touch your hair. He has also suggested that if we do remain such a high standard for cosmetologists then we should consider other retail jobs that can touch the public without a license. He questions the “Health and Public Safety” standard when retailers can legally get around these rules simply because they do not call themselves a salon. He is quoted saying “Government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers when it comes to people’s jobs simply because they favor one company over another” and instead insists that we make it fair and just for everyone. 
     In 2011 Anthony publicly spoke out against the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology when the director, at the time, attacked Lauren Boice for assisting those in need of personal grooming services because they are bedbound and unable to enter a legal salon. The Goldwater Institute legally represented Boice and eventually gotten the court to rule that she could continue helping those deserving protection from an over reaching, overzealous, governmental body. The Board’s irrational regulations violated Lauren’s constitutional right to earn an honest living (protected by the constitution’s due process and equal protection clauses) and deprive her clients of services they were entitled to contract out with cosmetologists willing to help them.
     Anthony feels the need to fight for these causes because, to put it simply, he can. The co-founder of Paul Mitchell says “success not shared it failure” and Anthony literally takes that to heart. “If I don’t speak out and do what I can then those less fortunate than me wont. These people suffering the most from the government being unjust cannot financially afford to take the day off work, or fight legal battles, when that time comes” says Anthony. He really is a taking the time to speak out and support those like Juan Carlos Montes de Oca who ultimately needed the help of the Governor, Doug Ducey, to personally step in because the board sought to shut Jaun Carlos down for giving free haircuts to homeless veterans in a Tucson park. "What Juan Carlos was doing was cutting homeless veterans' hair. It was a charitable act. It's something that should be celebrated, not sanctioned” said Ducey and Anthony whole heartedly agrees.


Finding PURPOSE...

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