By Anthony Dynar

     We cosmetologists work at salons. We wait for clients to walk in the door and hope we can please the client enough that the next time a client wants their hair styled s/he hopefully asks for our services. That’s how we traditionally build clientele. What if there was another way to build, maintain, and retain a clientele?

     There is a large client-base out there that cannot go to the salon because they are homebound due to medical conditions. What if cosmetologists made house-calls on these clients like the doctors used to do back in the day?

     That’s what Ms. Lauren Boice thought years ago. Lauren survived a grueling battle with cancer. Lauren realized then that it’s important to look good in order to feel good. While she was a cancer patient, she desperately wanted someone to come style her hair and do her make-up at her home or hospital. No stylist was ready to make house calls.

     So, when Lauren’s cancer went into remission, she decided to provide this service herself. She saw, from first-hand experience, that there was a market for homebound cosmetology services. She made it possible for medically homebound people to feel a bit better about themselves by providing homebound cosmetology services in Tucson, Arizona. Lauren’s business, often times, was the difference between depression and someone who has hope for their future.

     Yet, the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology asked her to shut down her business. She could not, the Board said, provide homebound cosmetology services. After a 16-month battle with the Board, the Board relented and settled Lauren’s lawsuit. Lauren is now free to make homebound clients happier by sending her team of cosmetologists to their homes.

     On learning of Lauren’s inspiring story, I decided to start providing homebound cosmetology services in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I knew it was going to be difficult with the Board breathing down my neck: difficult, not impossible. I had to figure out how exactly it can be done within the Board’s rules. I had to carefully look at the exact terms of the settlement agreement between Lauren Boice and the Board to see what’s allowed and what’s not.

     After spending about five months making sure I won’t get into trouble, I was able to develop a business plan that’s precisely tailored to the Board’s requirements. So, I am happy to announce our homebound cosmetology business—Shears to You—has seen exponential growth since its launch. I am actively seeking cosmetologists to join my team in the greater Phoenix area, and my client base is growing steadily. We pay more than what most cosmetologists make hourly. And cosmetologists keep all the tips.

     So, all you cosmetologists out there come join me! And any of you who know someone who cannot physically go to a salon, tell them about my awesome homebound cosmetology business. Let’s make our loved ones happier by making them look well-groomed! I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

     Do you think it is good for cosmetologists to make house calls? Do you think it is fair to prevent people like Lauren Boice from providing a great service to the community and earn an honest living in the process? Please email me your comments. I really appreciate your inputs.